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If you are looking for an agency to sell your property or you are thinking of purchasing a residential property, then we can help you. Our trademarks are experience, competence, expertise and customer service. We are professional consultants here to advise you and help you throughout the buying process.


his is our basic principle. .And with this we are very successful. We can offer guaranteed individual customer support and comprehensive service for all projects at all times. Our extensive network of partners and major service providers is of great help. We look forward to meeting you and building relationships.


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Our Services for developers & investors

Our Services for developers & investors

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Our Services for buyers

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A good team thrives on common principles and must be mutually supportive. We make detailed theoretical knowledge and many years of experience in entrepreneur skills optimal. Together we stand for a philosophy of openness and a strong culture of dialogue. We want to convince with confidence. That is why we founded in 2013 Picaflor Immobilien GmbH.

Manuela Königsfeld

Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin

Odin Schabinger

Odin Schabinger

Prokurist / Team Verkauf / Immobilienkaufmann (IHK)

Lydia Feuer-Leonhard

Lydia Feuer

Team Assistenz / Büroleitung

Stephanie Chase

Keiko Voll

Team Verkauf international

Thi Thuy Trang Vu

Thi Thuy Trang Vu


Our Philosophy

What does Picaflor actually mean?

Many have already asked this question. It’s the Spanish word for hummingbird. Aha. And what does that have to do with real estate now? At first glance perhaps little. A lot at second glance. Because we approach our tasks with passion, creativity, perseverance and love. Exactly this connects us with the small bird, which is a symbol of joy and endurance. For his body measurements, he is a real power pack that can stand in the air and even fly backwards. His incessant movements with his wings give him peace for pleasure, because he takes his time to drink nectar.

A dazzling name for high standards

This ambivalence has impressed us and is our role model. Because we want to bring joy with our work. At the same time, we master the most difficult tasks – and the real estate sales division has some of them to offer – with great perseverance. We are only satisfied when our clients are. This has often caused us astonishment and admiration. Because where some give up, we continue. We owe that to the customers who place their trust in us

What’s the meaning of this?

For example, that we only accept orders that we can handle well. And that we only handle a few projects at the same time. This is the only way we can deliver the quality that our customers rightly expect from us. In this way, we have time to respond to individual wishes. In the figurative sense this means. If necessary, we also fly backwards for our customers…

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